Warehouse Direct Offers Managed Network Services

Our team of experts are available to assist your network needs for your workplace.

Managed IT Solutions For Your Workplace

Below are the top Managed IT Solutions our experts are offering:

Network Monitoring

Warehouse Direct has invested in the industry’s best network monitoring solution. Warehouse DirecTech®

Hardware & Software Support

Hardware support includes, computer upgrades, hard drives, memory, mother-board replacement etc. DirecTech will be the liaison between you and your software vendors. Our engineers will work with your software support to correct issues so you can do what you do best, your job.

One Click Helpdesk

DirecTech’s customizable helpdesk icon allows the user a direct email link to request support from the helpdesk, along with a phone number for day to day questions and issues.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup can be included in your Managed Network Services Program. Keep your data safe and protected with DirecTech. This includes cloud backup & disaster plan recovery in the case of a catastrophic event.

Managed Security Software

Included with our Managed Network Services is Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software. This eliminates the need to purchase security software for each workstation which can save you up to $90.00 per year per workstation.

Onsite Support

Onsite Support is included in your Managed Network Services Program Four hour response time for issues that can’t be resolved remotely or by the helpdesk. Two hours for critical issues.

Patch Management

DirecTech engineers can monitor and approve software and security patches automatically.

Remote Support For Employees Anywhere

Have the same security for all employees, whether they work from home or in the office. DirectTech engineers can remote support any employees at your workplace no matter where they are.